von Nicci Lievert

When I‘m reading comments belonging to many videos, anyway its on youtube or on another Online-Video-Channel, there are still many people who are claiming us Germans as Nazis. I can‘t let it stand this way anymore, so I decided to dedicate this article to this topic.

General thoughts...

Thinking out of the box, I guess there is no single nation without a warlike history. Yes, there is a part of german history, that can‘t be denied. Although it seems to be the fact, that both worldwars did not start from germany.

We didn‘t start the wars, we did not fight. Even my Grandparents had been escaped. My great-grandfather died at the young age of 32 near Stalingrad in the war Churchill startet. My grandmother never got over the loss of her beloved father and it‘s so heartbreaking to me seeing her suffering still today. But am I claiming others for this? No! I‘m not. Than why are there still people who are using this „N“-Word for describing us Germans?

Are we claiming the british people, because Churchill forced Germany into war? Or are we claiming the people from the United States because theire ancestors had been responsible for the slavery and the cruelty slaughtering of millions of Native Americans? And by the way, what is about Nagasaki and Hiroshima? No one seems to claim them for this, although still today there are many people having cancer or born children with deformities. But since 75 years now we Germans are claimed as „Nazis“.

We are tired of getting called „Nazi“ just because we are german. Please stop this. Especially in these days it is so important to keep together instead of slamming against each others. It is hard enough, that the so-called elite has stolen and destroyed our german heritage. To be proud of being german is not wanted from the ruling ones, we may not be proud of our nation and the german history just seems to be reduced to Worldwar 1 and 2.

Even when we are looking closer to what happend after Worldwar 2 ended for example, when we are starting questions concerning the truth, the questioner automatically is marked as a „Nazi“. But there is a hidden truth of a german genocide, we should be allowed to talk about this dark chapter. Who knows of the millions of germans who died after 1945 in concentration camps, lead by the Allies, while the true enemies got rescued – whomsoever – ? (e.g. Rheinwiesenlager) Reading the book „Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil“ by Gerard Menuhin there are opening so many question marks concerning the statement of the concentration camps lead by the Germans in these days, I‘m not going deeper into this topic, otherwise I‘m running risk claimed as a denier…. Read the book….

Even the horrible bombings of Dresden in February 1945 was a german genocide. people, men, women, children, eldest… burning to death alive or suffocated because the flames of the bombs absorbed the whole oxygen around. Others who had been cooked alive in boiling water tanks because the heat after the bombings reached such a high temperature, that the water in the drinking water tanks startet to boil. But when we are questioning this they are calling us a „Nazi“…

So many of you are talking about the rising of human mankind, of the shift into a higher dimension, the golden time which is coming now. But all of this just works when human mankind starts rising the consciousness first and this worldwide.

And this requires a new behavior between us. We need a new understanding, that every human being, every soul is on its own way. It is important, in my point of view, that we start to accept, that everybody can have another opinion of something. Diversity, isn‘t it about this too?

Lets start embracing each others, this must not be in a physical way but in a conscious way, this would be wonderful. Come on, let us send the ellbow society into the desert, its time for a true revolution of humanity without claiming, bashing, torching, killing, denunciateing, lying, hurting…

I never will claim someone of you for happenings your ancestors have done. In fact ist‘s the ruleing group, the elite or cabal who is responsible for all the cruelty on this planet. When you are claiming others this is splitting and this is exactly what the cabal wants. Which way do you want to go? The way of humanity or the way of the cabal, which means nothing else then satanism.

Please do your own research

Quotes from the book: „Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil" by Gerard Menuhin

The untold truth of Dresden‘s bombing 1945

Please keep in mind, yelling at others in a negative way creates negative energy, a low energy. What you are giving to others will come back to you, that‘s the simple principle of resonance.

Treat anybody like you want to be treated.

Thanks for reading these lines….

Much Love and Light