A short story

Dwarf Arthur


How often are we told that we can’t do this or that?
That we are only like this or like that, that we are only a child, a man, a woman, an employee, and so on.
But we are all much more than what people have been trying to make us believe for centuries.
We are all giants who were told that we were only dwarfs.
This short story would like to remind you that giant-like forces also live in you.

Now available in english language.

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Know your true greatness

Are you aware of what is inside you? Do you know what immense (luminous) power resides within you?
You too can make your dreams and wishes come true. You can change the world around you, with your thoughts, with your words, with what you do. 
As soul beings we are all powerful beings with many of us still unimaginable possibilities of (creating) and being.  

Recognize the power that lies within you. Yes, you too are a giant, a giantess, and perhaps you too have been told at some point that you are only a dwarf and for this reason could not achieve this or that.
This short story simply wants to remind you again what a powerful being you truly are. We are all giants who were told that we were “only” dwarfs.


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Good for Gaia


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